Monday, March 22, 2010

Human apprehension and animosity

Hearing the title i could sense the eyebrows cringing together, others raised.Yes 70 to 80% of human are apprehensive about something.The stinking fact is that the so called refined human are worst than the unrefined animals when it comes to judging others. Pretension is the sister of apprehension where people pretend to be holy whereas they are sinner than the sinners.A fool pretends to be knowledgable and falls head over heels to false praise. The root cause is apprehension only why 'cause if you are not good enough you have an inner fear of acceptanceby others.If you are good you have apprehension to accept others since you doubt whether they are good enough for you.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

perspective and conviction

The path to lead an easy life sans trouble-shooting is in one's own hands.No matter what the perspective of life is the culprit.When one is ready to take life as it gets to him/her the troubles whither away robotically.Most us are reluctant to accept the fact that we are coming from oblivion and will sway away to oblivion.whatever comes in the midle is just a kitkat break the journey has to go on and on.
The theory arises an enigmatic question doesn't anybody have resposibilty in life? Are we sashaying around with empty heads and futile aims?.Well that's not true! My point in heaving this question is that one who runs after success and fame doesn't even know when they achieve it,because they don't know the limits of it.
Life without aim is like sky without clouds.But what is this so called aim? Is it the stereotyped aritfacts of life-areas of life which concern people and related facets.
It is all about one's potentials and contributions he can give to the society including one's family.This has to be decided by your because nobody knows you better than yourself,your limits can only be known even to yourself when extend,stretch yourself to higher potentials.
After reaching the azimuth of your potential you are fit enough to call your self successful.This reaching defienitely deals with the contributions you give to the society and family.without that you are just satifying your ego and personal effigy.That doesn't fall into the category of ultimate success.
The plethora of news about unhappy successful people is that the froget to fulfill the resposibilities towards others without which one cannot tread to the next track

A kind yet small jucture of goodwill helps you in the journey of eternal bliss

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Decision making and myth associated with it

Decision making is the most confusing and commonly misunderstood phenomena of human character.People believe in myths more than factauls.This omen has its wings spread not just on one sect of people but on the entire human.

Some believe quick decision enhances creativity and some believe decision taken after so many claculations work better.There is another set of people who conveniently shirk off their resposibilty and place it on other's back. Unfortunately all are wrong because decision making time, style everything varies according to the subject.Impulsive decision sometime leads us to troubled waters but sometime if we take more time on some issues it creates lot more catastrophe.If decision makers of a nation ,an organization ,home are not in the right mindset decision also gets affected.
In the political scenario we are seeing it ,India is undergoing very volitile stage now things have to be handled with utter care.There is no room for nonsense and for the citizens of India they also should be aware alert and straightheaded.
Quick decision is reqiured on time of crisis.As for recession some took quick decision and some decided to wait and watch the fact is that both are equally affected.Somethings we cannot change better is to keep a levelheaded mind.
Emotional outburst is somthing we should avoid while crisis 'cause troubled times give you enough headache by outpouring our emotion we are making it worst.Everyone will remember the bad side of a person not good side 'cause bad always outplay good eventhough good wins at last. Adding to the fact of decision making there is no fixed criteria for it live upto the situation dare to take challenge and keep the positivity on assure yourself whatever happens I am here to make it right.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Communication an art or science

Communication an art or science:

‘Communication is an art’, is an age old belief /concept, well I beg to differ. One thing is certain there is something archaic about it. I used the particular word because the method of implementation changes from time to time. A certain style of communication today may not be acceptable tomorrow. The point is communication is science; technical correction can make effective communication possible.
Communication is not just talking, words do matter but our actions speak louder than that.45 to 60% of the people is not comfortable with communication. Some of them are not comfortable to communicate. Every time it may not be because of the person but because of their body language. Here are some tips to do effective and soft communication.
Once you are indulged in a conversation we tend to forget the distance to be kept and the advancement of our body. This could create enough problems, for people can judge you wrongly.
40 to 48 cm is the safe distance to maintain while standing, and in the sitting pose it depends upon the way you sit.
Now let’s see what happens while talking there are so many varieties of speakers if we divide them into 5 main categories
They are 1. Pleasing but not convincing (less confidence)
2. Convincing but dominative (over confident)
3. Rough or arrogant
4. People who cannot say no (afraid of loss of friends)
5. Balanced

Among these the 5th one is rather OK rest except 3 needs some repair.3rd one is beyond that. The 1st category is the one who pleases everyone but fails to leave an impression. They can think about using modals like must, has to, need not, need to and have an erect posture which shows confidence.
The 2nd one is convincing and confident but they exhaust people by their dominating attitude. They can change into more friendly tone and use modals like should, it would be better if you, it is good if you .Pointing fingers should be avoided for it is considered as a typical rural gesture, very impolite. Instead of that open palms are welcomed and are considered as positive.
4th one is a sect very nice to get along but can be a problem for
Themselves .My advice is to you is that no need to say ‘no’
you can directly deny something in the most pleasing way.
It all depends upon your wit how well you deal it. This is indeed a
very tricky situation, for how to say yes when you mean no. You don’t
Have to say yes, let’s see some example if somebody offers you a
Drink or something which you don’t have or like start the denial
With thank you, I am afraid I have to disappoint you for I am a
Vegetarian or can use words as per requirement.

Till now we were talking about gestures and standing another
Important way is touching in which shake hand plays the major
Part. There are so many ways of shaking hands I am just penning
Some acceptable ways.
One is straight and without grasping. Another is slightly slanted
with a friendly clasp. Next one is firm hand the distance is a bit
closer than the first one i.e.35to 40cm. shaking with both hands
is also ok, but shows overpowering nature.
To write about ways communication is lengthy process. I have
tried to, put some points. In future I’ll provide more information about this
topic follow this page regularly.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Time

Hello friends . I have taken a boring topic today called 'punctuality'. Well genuine thought you might be having 'what's more to talk about it which we are don't know' ,absolutely right ; but terribly wrong .Everybody is aware of the goodness and benefits of punctuality but are you aware that an innocent lateness of 5 minutes can cause you your life, or someone else's life. No foul play it's the truth a stark reality we prefer to ignore.Let's see how it works.
An executive in an MNC was late for 10minutes which is quite normal as per Indian work culture .Don't relax hear rest of the story, that day there was a routine auditting the differrence was that the man who took up the work was French and he was totally exasperated with the employee's behaviour result the poor Indian executive was fired without prior notice.He was a weak hearted person and a family man ,the thought of his family gave him real shrug which resulted in an attack.Is it worthy enough to be late to cause a life.
Two students were always late for the class, the teacher was exhausted in telling them that it could cost them dearly oneday. As per habit they didn't listen and repeated the same.As a result they missed so many important points but thought they can make it up some other time and they waited all of sudden the teacher fell sick and was gone on leave for 2 months just before the exams. Another teacher covered the portions in hurry and the students found it difficult to cope with they decided to go the choosey way as most of us do.For them it was not much of hazard for they were regular and the previously covered portions were thorough for them.But for the other two they were helpless nor they got the previous lessons nor the later ones.That really costed them their exams ,they failed and was not able to attend the competitive exams. Look what happened for beign late.
These are only two examples there are lakhs or crores of people out there who innocently be late and never realise it at all.They take it in ' चलता है सुब' kind of attitude but remember even a day can give you trouble.
A doctor who becomes late fails the chance save a patient's life. A politician's late decision threatens nation' s safety we just saw the live example of it a couple of days back. The rest of the people from diversified fields play their part in bringing your country down by being late.
Wasting time ,Not keeping time are devil's of human kind.A person without punctuality cannot be a good organiser,bad organiser cannot be good analyser, weak analysys leads a person to shacks in no time.At last we find our hands empty.
By being late we are wasting our precious time which has to be utilised to nurture ourselves. An unpolished soul is like an unpolished furniture ,if not both will be reduced to barren.Everybody needs time to pamper our soul or in other words mind or else our creativity finds its way to graveyard.It's a terrible situation,think about a nation without creative people ,robust ideas such a nation can be anything but nation.
There is nobody out there other than you to do this , our step is important, if 100 million population of India believe this and act accordingly within no time we will be world's number one country without doubt.
I hope from this second onwards nobody will prefer to be late for life.
Let's see what some famous people have said about it.
''Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save. ''
Will Rogers, New York TImes, Apr. 29, 1930US humorist & showman (1879 - 1935)
''Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. ''
Carl SandburgUS biographer & poet (1878 - 1967)

Nothing is as far away as one minute ago.
Jim Bishop
A single day is enough to make us a little larger.
Paul KleeSwiss Abstractionist painter (1879 - 1940)

Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.
Mason Cooley, O Magazine, April 2004

So we can have a new start ,a new day a new thought with lots of positivity for we are going on ride with time!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

why unhappy

Why 80% people are unhappy. No kidding it's real 80% population is unhappy.Reason could be quite differrent but the net result is the same.
Let's take a quick look into our life.Don't you think you felt unhappy 40 to 60% of the day. Work, family,society
so on give us enough reason to be unhappy.
As Gautham budha said unhappiness or dissatisfaction in other words comes directly from expectation.When we expect something and we fail to get it we are dissatisfied with the surroundings and it cause unhappiness.
Kids are unhappy for they feel their parents nor the teachers understand them.They expect them to behave as they want them to be.
Parents are tormented by the indifferrent behaviour of kids and complain that they don't listen to.
Teachers are unhappy of the disrespect shown by the students.
But let me ask you one question have you ever thought about it putting yourself in their shoes.Kids who accuse their parent of being irky become more intolerable when they become parent.
The parents on the other hand did almost the same thing in their childhood but conveniently disregard it.
Teachers only lament about the student's behaviour never take pain to understand why they behave that way.
Though being the custodians of ethics & moral teachings they seem to ignore the fact that respect is not granted nor taken it is gained through your goodwill and fair deeds.
So the problem is not with the just the generation but with the root of mankind.People consider themselves as the greatest human being and most learned person on earth. They pretend to outsmart others.
My point is that it is easy to be unhappy because people are more comfortable with it.
But to be happy is a real fight.And if a person is comfortable with not being unhappy the society is not comfortable with it.
Did you know the fact that unhappiness can give you a heartattack unbelievable isn't it ? But it's true,unhappiness can cause you dipression,low BP and so many other ailments related to it.
So folks it is better to be happy even though there is no much things to cheer about.
Like smile for the blue sky filled with snow like clouds.Smile for the wonderful person in you whom you never met before.Smile for the all good and bad things in life for that keeps up the balance .
Realise that happiness and unhappiness is a state of mind you create yourself so it is you who can manipulate it very well.
So let's chill and be happy.Cheer to the happy life.